This site contains helpful information for students of Ms. Kline-Kator's classes, as well as any interested parents or guardians. Visitors are welcome to this site, but only students will be members of the site, and able to make changes. This site works together with the class Moodle page - for instance, assignments are listed here, but are submitted through Moodle. Links to Moodle can be found in individual class pages.

How to use the site

To use this site effectively, locate your class in the left margin of the site (this margin will always be present when you're in the site). Your class page contains your assignment calendar and journal of class happenings. You and your classmates will be responsible for updating the class journal.

So, what's a wiki?

This site is a wiki, which is a type of web site that can be edited by multiple people. If you'd like to learn more about wikis, view the video below. (Note, this video uses camping as an example of how to use a wiki, but we're going to skip the camping and use our wiki for classroom things instead.)

Video Tutorials

How can I condense my Dyknow files?

This video tutorial shows you how to copy your Dyknow notebooks into OneNote. This will allow you to keep notebooks from multiple days organized by unit. The video is about 4 minutes long. Enjoy! There's an embedded version below that you can simply click to play, or you can click the file below to launch the video in your media player.

Tutorial Dyknow to OneNote.wmv

Saving Files to Moodle

This video tutorial shows you how to properly download and save a document from Moodle, avoiding that dreaded...Temp Folder. Saving properly will allow you to complete homework assignments, and find them the next morning at school! This video is about 2:30 long. Again, there's an embedded version you can click to play, or you can click the file below to download and launch the video in your media player.

Digital Video Project.mp4

Using the Assignments Feature of Moodle

This video tutorial will show you how to use the Assignments feature in Moodle to keep track of assignments you've submitted. If you use this feature, you'll be able to see which assignments you've submitted, and also view grades and comments for assignments. This video is also about 2 minutes long, and is here in both embedded Google Video and downloadable options.

Using the Assignments Feature of Moodle.mp4