Our Issue:


Our topic is drinking alcohol to get drunk. I've answered questions on the broad category of drinking and also narrowing down to binge - drinking. Drinking includes any form of alcohol intake. My facts and articles include information on drinking, consequences of alcohol, and health problems associated with it. Drinking and alcohol is toxic, deadly, powerful, and fast. It gets into your bloodstream fast and if you take too much of it, it controls your body and could become toxic and fatal.
This is a moral issue because drinking and getting drunk could to lead to immoral decisions. These decisions could include things such as: sex before marriage resulting in unplanned pregnancy or disease and doing things you regret the next day such as raping someone or beating someone up. When you are intoxicated you feel more dangerous so you decide to take greater risks which could result in injury or even premature death. Several different outcomes could come out of drinking. It could also be a moral issue because if you are under the legal drinking age of 21, then it would be illegal and if you did drink at a younger age then that is an immoral decision that could get you in a lot of trouble. Drinking itself is not necessarily immoral, but the actions afterwards could be serious.


Our group’s topic is drinking. Drinking can be defined in many different ways, from one beer or glass of wine to way past the limit – also known as binge drinking. Binge drinking can be defined as drinking with the intent to get drunk, as well as having anywhere from 3-5 drinks or more consecutively in a short period of time. Alcohol can easily affect someone from just becoming a little tipsy, to severe brain damage. Drinking is a moral issue because it can be illegal for those under 21, but more importantly because of its consequences. Someone who has been drinking has an impaired sense of judgment and decision making which can lead them to make immoral decisions. Someone under the influence of alcohol may choose to drive a car, have sex with someone they barely know, or get in fights and become violent. The act of having a beer or glass of wine itself may not be immoral, but choices leading up to and after that could be.

Our issue is generally based misuse of alcohol in our society. Drinking is a very serious issue because it leads to many different issues for health problems to car accidents. Alcohol is very much overused in our society and too many children have access to alcohol too easy. Alcohol also has a lot of terrible effects on your brain such as lowering your ability to make wise decisions and significantly lowering reaction speed. This is a moral issue because many terrible things come from alcohol. Many people can become severely ill from drinking. The people who are intoxicated also are the cause of many disasters because of their inability to think properly. This is mainly a moral issue because many people lose their lives as a result of excessive alcohol intake.