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3rd Hr - Cyberbullying

STOP cyberbullying
This article/website was all about what cyberbullying consists of, and provided me with a ton of information. You can pick which age group you would like to look into and get the information on the dangers and statics of the bullying in that age group and how to stop or avoid it. This was a very helpful sight. - GERI
Overall this site is an informative site on cyber bullying. It teaches people about what cyberbullying really is and how it works. The site talks about why children, preteens, and teens choose cyberbullying. It talks about ways we can prevent cyberbullying and how schools can get involved. The site informs us of the laws against cyberbullying and calls us to take action against it. - ALLIE

Stop Bullying Now
This article/site was all about statistics and law information. It was very helpful in giving me all of my statistics that I needed to answer my statistical questions. It also provides what you should do in a cyber situation. - GERI
In this article cyber bullying was explained and many helpful facts and statistics were mentioned about where, how, who and to whom, and when cyberbullying occurs. This article explained how parents can help and facts about differences between cyber and regular bullying. This site also listed the statistics of how many children told of their experiences. - ALLIE

This was just a normal Wikipedia page, but it gave me a lot of facts that helped me come up with answers. This provided me with answers to more law enforced questions and answers on groups and organizations that are trying to stop cyber bullying. - GERI - EMILY


(Industry News
In this short article the author talked about how even though girls are the gender that tends to cyber bully more often, boys have had noticeable attacks and do get cyber bullied. The article wanted to raise awareness that the source the listed is a good informational site on the cyberbullying for the male gender. - ALLIE

(Bradley This article talked about the Bill congressed passed on cyberbullying and protecting children online. It requires schools to educate their students about the dangers of the internet. It requires schools to have protection from cyberbullying online and education of parents about cyberbullying. -ALLIE


This article talked about this woman’s accomplishments with her research on cyberbullying. She discussed how cyberbullying is a rising issue that is different from other types of bullying because it’s anonymous, permanent, and can be seen by others. The article also discussed the pros and cons of schools getting involved if fixing the problem. It also gave student perspective on the problem. It talked about how they must reach to the students to get people to realize how all people involved are affected, how punishment may not be the answer, and how they can get kids to understand their actions. -ALLIE


This article talks about the rising issue of Cyberbullying in schools and discusses the controversy of what schools should do about the out of school cyberbullying. -ALLIE

Articles for Views and Opinions

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center Document
This article is one viewpoint which is parents and teachers are the ones worrying about the kids and wanting to protect them. They are worried about the children's safety and what is best for the children unlike the other viewpoint. -Emily

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center Document
This article is the other viewpoint which is where the state and government are the ones trying to make cyberbullying change. They may be interested in the kids needs but mostly for the betterment of the state. They want the state too look good and want the government to run smoothly which is different the parents actually caring. -Emily

Opposing Viewpoints Document
This Article is the viewpoint in which schools should get involved and how some schools are already starting to try and stop cyberbullying even out of the school yard. It tells us on how they want to try and get cyberbullying banned in states and schools so that they can get involved and save lives. -Geri

Opposing Viewpoints Document
This article is about how schools cannot technically get involved in a cyberbullying case if it is off of the schools campus. And how it is crossing the line because it isn't their problem if it is in the home and not at school. The First Amendment doesn't allow schools to get too involved in matters out side of school and this states that. - Geri