Group Moral Questions
1. Is it morally acceptable for people to immigrate?
2. What responsibility comes with illegal immigration for the country, government, and the immigrants themselves?

Lauren Kendrick
1. Who are the people that are immigrating?
2. Where are they immigrating from?
3. Why are they immigrating?
4. Are there issues (economical or political) going on in there native country?
5. Are the people immigrating illegally?

Brittany Puente
1. Who is immigration affecting?
2. What affect do immigrants have on citizens of the country?
3. Why is immigration happening?
4. Is immigration helping or hurting anyone?
5. Where is immigration happening?
6. When is immigration happening?
7. How is immigration viewed? By citizens? By immigrants?
8. What reasons do immigrants have to be immigrating?

Jillian Hommel
1. Is it moral to support immigration?
2. Should immigrants be paid less than citizens of the U.S.?
3. Should it be legal for immigrants to come over for medical care?
4. Should a foreigner who marries a U.S. citizen be allowed to move here?
5. Is it too hard or too easy to become a U.S. citizen?

Alexa Bahoura
1. What is immigration?
2. Is it wrong to immigrate from your home land to another country?
3. What are the rules about immigration?
4. Is immigration against the Church rules?
5. Is there a legal age limit for someone to be able to immigrate?